From Poverty to Power.  James Allen

From Poverty to Power

By James Allen

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"From Poverty to Power " is Allen 's first book, published in 1901. It was also titled " The Realization of Prosperity and Peace ". Allen described this book as "A Book for all those who are in search of better conditions, wider freedom, and increased usefulness. " This work appeals to the reader from his own standpoint, and indicates the line of development along which each one should work in order to accomplish the greatest amount of lasting good. Enduring success in any direction is shown to be the result of inward adjustment and growth. Each may accelerate his own progress by silently, but effectively harmonising his mental forces, the good effects of which will soon become manifest in improved circumstances, and wider opportunities. The book is suitable for men and women in all circumstances, stations, and conditions of life. The Truth is so presented in its pages as to render it adaptable to all minds. It shows how one may surely rise above adversity and poverty; how he may ?nd and safely walk the path of material prosperity; how, also, if he so wishes, he may go still further, and, walking the path of truth, may reach the goal of spiritual peace.

James Allen

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