Antisocial Masochism.  Lorelai Coco

Antisocial Masochism

By Lorelai Coco

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DESCRIPTION: Officer Peter Hicks is shame-ridden by his sadistic desires. Luckily he has a one person in his life who is not only accepting of his dark desires but wholeheartedly encourages him to indulge in them. But there is a but, this man has no feelings of remorse or moral to speak of. He is a psychopath. EXCERPT: & quot;I know the third rule is going to be the hardest to follow. & quot; Jack looked up at Peter inquisitively. & quot;You think I can`t see how hard you are? I think you did it on purpose. & quot; & quot;Maybe I did. What of it? & quot; Jack challenged, his voice was as sweet as honey. & quot;The paramedic could see it and he gave me a rather hungry look. Maybe I should find someone else to play with if you aren`t man enough to take what you so desperately need. & quot; Peter growled and covered Jack`s mouth with one hand and took hold of his broken nose with another. Jack let out a howl that was muffled by Peter`s hand. & quot;Is that what you need? Do you need the pain? Are you a pain slut? & quot; Jack looked Peter under his long lashes and smiled against Peter`s hand. Yes. & quot;Fine, you want pain. I am going to give you pain. & quot; Peter took a key out of his pants pocket and opened the cuffs. & quot;Get undressed and lean against a wall, your back facing me. & quot; Jack`s smile was bloody and wicked. A new stream of blood bled sluggishly down his face. Over his mouth, his tongue peeked out to taste the metallic tang every now and then. Down his sharp chin, down his long neck, over his prominent Adam`s apple and finally the trail disappeared under his shirt. Jack pulled the shirt over his head gracefully. He draped it over the chair. Then he lowered his trousers and underwear and draped them over the shirt. Jack had two colorful sleeves of tattoos on his arms. On his left, he had an old Chinese style tiger and a dragon entangled in a fight surrounded by cute, purplish-pink, cartoonish clouds. On his right, he had a picture of Santa Muerte, skulls with glowing eyes, neon green, neon blue, and purple, and cartoon-style voodoo dolls, one green, and one red. They had pins sticking out of their arms, chest, and head. One of them had its mouth stitched shut and the other had buttons as eyes. Two rows of text on his left pectoral. The first one said: & quot;Fortune favors the bold. & quot; And the second one said: & quot;Where there`s a will there`s a way. & quot; And the last but never the least, he had a lifelike, colorful picture, of a white shark on his right thigh. Jack`s cock was fully hard. It was long and thick, Peter`s was thicker thought. & nbsp;Jack turned around, wiggled his skinny ass at Peter and placed his hands against a cold wall. & quot;Tilt your ass towards me. & quot; Jack did. Peter took his belt off and folded it. It was a wide leather belt and Jack`s body was already intimately acquainted with it. & quot;You are going to count every strike, out loud. Don`t worry, we are alone and the room is soundproof. You can scream as loud as you want. & quot; Peter whispered in Jack`s ear as he petted Jack`s buttocks gently, far too gently for what was about to happen. Peter stepped back and raised the belt high and let it fly. & quot;One. & quot; Jack & #39;s body lurched forward. He gasped when his cock pressed against the cold tile. Peter swung again, harder this time. & quot;Two. & quot; & nbsp; Jack`s ass started to take on a slight red tint.

Lorelai Coco

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834178249
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • August 31, 2019
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