Antisocial Rape.  Lorelai Coco

Antisocial Rape

By Lorelai Coco

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DESCRIPTION: Peter and Jack have been together for 11 months. Their sex life is far from boring but now they want to try something even more exciting than just pain. Rape play. EXCERPT: Jack felt a spike of adrenaline. He started to get that feeling of giddy excitement that had gotten into trouble so often in the past. Peter pushed him roughly against the soft leather the cross was covered with. & quot;Here`s what is going to happen. I`m going to uncuff you and you are going to take all of your clothes off like a good whore and then you are going to lean your chest against the cross. I`m going to cuff your arms and legs and you are going to let me. & quot; Jack didn`t feel embarrassed but his performance was top notch. Slowly he peeled his clothes off. He kept his gaze directed at the floor and now and then he lifted his eyes to beg Peter not to do this. Peter pulled his gun out again. & quot;You are testing my patience whore. Sooner you undress, sooner it`ll be over. & quot; When Jack finished undressing, Peter gestured him to turn around, which he did. The leather of the cross felt cold, but soft, against his skin. Peter yanked his left hand roughly up and cuffed it. He repeats the same with Jack`s right. The cuffs were leather and felt soft against Jack`s skin. Peter crouched behind him and cuffed his ankles. Peter caressed Jack`s calves and thighs and asscheeks as he stood up. He kneaded the cheeks and leaned his chest against Jack`s back. He spread Jack`s cheeks and pushed his index finger against the puckered hole to test its tightness. & quot;You have a very tight ass. & quot; Jack struggled. & quot;Let go of me you pig. & quot; Peter laughed. & quot;You already blew me. You didn`t seem to mind me touching you then. Besides, you are a whore and I paid you, and that means I can do whatever I want to you. This is your purpose in life after all. Satisfy people who are better than you. & quot; & quot;You didn`t pay for this. This is rape I don`t want this. & quot; Peter pulled Jack`s hair. & quot;Do you remember your safe word? & quot; Peter whispered. Jack snorted. & quot;Yes. & quot; & quot;What is it? & quot; Peter tugged on Jack`s midnight lock tightly. & quot;I demand a lawyer. & quot; & quot;Good. Use it if you need it. & quot; Jack laughed. & quot;I`ve never asked for a lawyer. Even when I would have really needed one, you know. & quot; Now the hold got even tighter and Peter`s tone became the one he used to scare criminals. & quot;As I said before, do as I say and you won`t spend your youth locked up in prison. Or do you want to back out on our deal and go to prison? In that case, I`ll just give you a nice taste of what the boys are going to do to a pretty boy like you in prison. & quot; Peter let go of his hair and slapped his right ass cheek hard. A startled gasp escaped from Jack`s lips. Peter went to inspect all the toys, he took his sweet time with it, letting the anticipation build. Finally, he picked out a leather flogger. It was large and it would only get Jack warmed up. & quot;Now whore, I want you to count for me. & quot; Peter hit Jack`s back. & quot;Fuck you pig! & quot; Peter did it again.

Lorelai Coco

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834178232
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • August 31, 2019
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