28-Day Hearty Dash Diet Meal Plan  &  Recipes.  Melody Ambers

28-Day Hearty Dash Diet Meal Plan & Recipes

By Melody Ambers

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Reduce fat, look good, and enjoy the best of health! The dash diet isn ’t the newest health fad. On the contrary, it works. Voted by The National Institute of Health for both healthy eating and diabetes, dash diet is the diet you have been looking for. There are over 80 mouthwatering recipes in this book and they are deliciously presented to fit into a 28day (4weeks) plan to guide you from day to day. It contains: 1. Tips on how to get started 2. Tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 3. Delicious and hearty foods to help in blood pressure reduction, weight loss, and improved health. By following the tasty and nutritional recipes in this book, you will be able to: & bull; Reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure & bull; Look trim and fit & bull; Improve flood flow and gain a healthy heart & bull; Engage in your day to day activities with vigor & bull; Save money by not spending on medical bills from now and till forever & bull; Enjoy your meals and be healthier still With the dash diet, achieving the body you desire is now a possibility. The recipes are diverse, fresh, tasty and easy to make. So buy this book, enjoy the recipes and start turning heads now!

Melody Ambers