History of Woman Suffrage - Volume I.  Susan B. Anthony

History of Woman Suffrage - Volume I

By Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Susan B. Anthony

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In preparing this work, our object has been to put into permanent shape the few scattered reports of the Woman Suffrage Movement still to be found, and to make it an arsenal of facts for those who are beginning to inquire into the demands and arguments of the leaders of this reform. Although the continued discussion of the political rights of woman during the last thirty years, forms a most important link in the chain of influences tending to her emancipation, no attempt at its history has been made. In giving the inception and progress of this agitation, we who have undertaken the task have been moved by the consideration that many of oar co-workers have already fallen asleep, and that in a few years all who could tell the story will have passed away.

Susan B. Anthony

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