Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry.  C. H. Vail

Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry

By C. H. Vail

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PREFACE Introduction LECTURE 1. The Origin And Object Of The Ancient Mysteries LECTURE 2. The Egyptian, Hindu, And Persian Mysteries LECTURE 3. The Druidical, Gothic, Grecian, And Jewish Mysteries LECTURE 4. The Christian Mysteries LECTURE 5. The Christian Mysteries, Concluded LECTURE 6. The Meaning Of True Initiation LECTURE 7. The Meaning Of True Initiation, Concluded LECTURE 8. The Origin And History Of Freemasonry LECTURE 9. The Origin And History Of The Knights Templars And The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite LECTURE 10. The Symbols And Legends Of Masonry LECTURE 11. The Symbols And Legends Of Masonry, Continued

C. H. Vail

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