Sensing the Storm: A Storms of Future Past Story.  Kari Kilgore

Sensing the Storm: A Storms of Future Past Story

Storms of Future Past

By Kari Kilgore

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The Storm Rises Dr. Sandy Hughes faces several more hours of an endless shift in a Chicago emergency room. Wrangling baby docs, residents, and med students. All doing their best to help people yanked out of ordinary life and thrust into medical nightmares. Then a mysterious boy yanks Sandy out of her own ordinary life. Forever. Can Sandy figure out his warning before it 's too late? A Storms of Future Past Prequel An excerpt from Sensing the Storm : "It 's you, " Ricky said to Dr. Tahara, his high voice rough and breaking. "You 're the one who can help me. " Ricky blinked again. His eyes still had that jumpy movement, but his face and his vitals remained calm. When his gaze met Sandy 's, she felt a jolt of recognition that made no sense to her at all. "You know, too, " Ricky said, raising his head toward Sandy. "Okay, Ricky, " Sandy said. "I 'm Dr. Hughes, and I 've known Dr. Tahara for years. How can we help you? " Ricky closed his eyes, long, curling lashes overlapping before he blinked them open again. "You can 't help me. I have to help you. "

Kari Kilgore

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  • September 3, 2019
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