A Little Maid of Province Town.  Alice Turner Curtis

A Little Maid of Province Town

By Alice Turner Curtis

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A Little Maid of Provincetown is a children's book telling the story of spunky young girl Anne Nelson, set around the times of the American Revolution. After her father gets lost at the sea, eight-year-old Anne moves in with Captain Stoddard and his wife in Province Town. Other children tease Anne, calling her father traitor and spy, but when he returns and visits her, they are convinced in his innocence and accept Anne. Anne becomes friends with two children, Amanda and Amos Cary, and they play and go on adventures, sometimes getting themselves in very serious and dangerous situations.

Alice Turner Curtis

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  • e-artnow
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  • 4057664125446
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  • Published:
  • August 25, 2019
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