There is No Death.  Florence Marryatt

There is No Death

By Florence Marryatt

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In 1874, Florence Marryatt interviewed for a London newspaper a prominent clairvoyant. This marked the beginning of her belief in spiritualism. She participated in countless seances and claimed having communicated with her two dead daughters and her brother who died in a shipwreck. She wrote down her experiences in a highly successful non-fiction book, "There Is No Death ", and the sequel "The Spirit World ". Does individuality survive death? Does death mean the end of our existence? The answers are yes and no. The message of the classic book "There is No Death " is that individuality does indeed survive death, and that death is merely the beginning of a further chapter in human evolution. Told here are many eyewitness experiences had by the author with many great mediums in undertaking her quest to study Spiritualism. To tell her story, the author recounts words she heard at seances in a vivid, haunting manner to convey the stories of something beyond death. These experiences show that death is not the end and not something to be feared.

Florence Marryatt

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