Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists.  Michelle Dilhara

Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists

By Michelle Dilhara

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The book Social Invisibility is not a Fiction it Exists is a result of sociology experiments and researches done with many sociology professionals to uncover the link between the brain and behavior of isolated individuals in the society. The research of the book was done with Thilina Dhanushka Abewickrama ,Emeritus Professor Antonette Perera , Dr. Parakrama Warnasuriya and Professor Waruna Chandrakeerthi, on Human Behavioral Psychology with regard to Social Invisibility and Social Exclusion. The social media research of the book was done with Thilina Dhanushka Abewickrama, an Internet entrepreneur and author, to predict how humans behave, related to their mind when they are isolated. More than 5000 individuals participated for the social media research done online with Thilina Dhanushka Abewickrama .The research contains key information on how victims of social invisibility and social exclusion are mentally and physically affected, how their brains and actions respond when they are being marginalized from the society. And also the book provides implementations of how social invisibility can be minimized. Primary implementations of The invisible to visible movement is more focused on elderly to create a hub for networking and improving communications with the current society .

Michelle Dilhara

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