Famous Impostors.  Bram Stoker

Famous Impostors

By Bram Stoker

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& quot;Famous Impostors & quot; was Bram Stoker & #39;s fifth and final book of nonfiction, first published in the UK in 1910. Aliases. Fraudsters. Confidence tricksters. People pretending to be what they are not, for financial, political or personal gain. Fiction is filled with them to entertain us; but would not be anywhere near as believable if such people had not, in reality, existed since time immemorial. In & quot;Famous Impostors & quot;, the great Bram Stoker (author of & quot;Dracula & quot;) throws light on just a few such people, who have tricked their way into the annals of history.

Bram Stoker

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