Brandi Loves Dad.  A.J. Mayes

Brandi Loves Dad

By A.J. Mayes

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DESCRIPTION: Brandi is daddy ’s little slut. Wanting to please Adam, she does anything he asks. A few days into their incestuous affair, while cruising the lake on Adam ’s yacht, she flashes a black man passing in a smaller boat. She invites Carl onboard, and the men fuck her over the weekend. After Carl leaves, Adam introduces her to pain, and loving it, she explodes. EXCERPT: With the yacht rocking gently from the wake of a boat passing through the marina, Brandi stretched across the king bed. She yawned, and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, rolled over to face her dad. He brushed a few honey brown strands from her cheek. "Morning, angel. " "I ’m not your baby girl, daddy? " "Carl ’s due in an hour and a half & hellip; I can ’t be your dad around him. I ’m your boyfriend today. " "Got it, Adam. " She tilted her head, kissing him. "You fucked me so good last night. God, I hope Carl knows how to fuck. He sounded really sexy on the phone. I love you, daddy. " "Love you too, baby girl. "Okay & hellip; I ’m your girlfriend while he ’s with us. By the way, pooh bear & hellip; you ’re my boyfriend forever, not just today. " "I hope so. That ’s what I want. Please, come up with a more manly pet name for me. " "Nope. You ’re cute and cuddly. I ’m sticking with pooh bear. " "Hope you like being my butter butt. " "Do you wanna fuck your daughter again? " "You know the answer to that. Okay, you win. " He rolled off the bed. "I ’ll get us some fruit. Dress hot, angel. " "Meet you on deck. Give me twenty minutes. " After a quick shower, she tied the straps of a tiny, white bikini bottom and slipped her arms through a sleeveless, white spandex top, only pulling the zipper up an inch. Wiggling into a perilously short, denim skirt, she slid her feet into delicate, spiked heels, with light blue strips crossing her toes. Clipping earrings, with dangling, hand-painted boats to her lobes, Brandi looked at her reflection. "Yep. Carl oughta like this. " She grabbed her cowboy hat, and putting it on, moved up the steps to the lower deck. His eyes roamed over the short spandex, stopping just under her full breasts, and the faded denim only just covering her ass. "Jesus, angel. Your tits are hanging out & hellip; and if you sit, that skirt won ’t cover much. " "Isn ’t that the idea, Adam & hellip; to drive Carl insane, so he fucks me? " "Yep. Are you ready for this? You can say no. " "I wanna be my daddy ’s little slut & hellip; I ’m ready. " "Careful, I ’m not your dad today. " "Shit. Okay, pooh bear. Sorry. " "Ever had a threesome, angel? " "Once at a frat party about a year ago. It was over in like, ten minutes. I expect you, and Carl will do better. " "Hope so. Never forget & hellip; I love you with all my heart. " "Ditto. Nothing will ever change that. " Peeling the yellow peel back, Brandi took a bite of the delicious banana, then another. Finished, she picked up an apple as Adam looked at his watch. "Carl should be here soon. If you ’re uncomfortable at any time, let me know & hellip; I ’ll end it. " "It ’ll be fine. " She brushed her lips over his. "I ’m going inside & hellip; I wanna make an entrance. " "Okay. Knock him dead, baby girl. "

A.J. Mayes

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834187326
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • September 17, 2019
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