Rylee Loves Her Son.  A.J. Mayes

Rylee Loves Her Son

By A.J. Mayes

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DESCRIPTION: A few days short of the fortieth birthday, Rylee is desperate for a man, any man. Frustrated after another disastrous date, she shamelessly flirts with her handsome some, Troy. Her hormones raging, she gives in to her incestuous desires, taking him into her bed. The sex earth-shattering, she explores perverted sex with her son. Each new adventure taking them down the path to depravity. EXCERPT: "I ’m home, Troy. " "Like I don ’t know that. I heard the thunder when you came in. " Troy took a sip of beer. "Bad date, mom? " "The worst. Troy, except for you, all men are fucking pricks. " She tossed her purse onto the granite counter. "God damnit. Where are the good men? Fuck, I need to get laid. " "Take a chill pill, mom. You ’ll find one. " Troy eyed her short, faded denim skirt, and diaphanous, white camisole, only slightly containing her ample breasts. "Fuck. Mom & hellip; you look hot. Your legs look fantastic in those & lsquo;Fuck me ’ heels. " "Thanks, baby. I needed to hear that. You really think I ’m hot? " "You ’re on fire. " She moved into his arms, and pushing her pelvis against him, pressed her lips against his, holding the kiss far longer than society allows. Blood rushing to her face she stepped back. "Hiding a flashlight in your shorts? " "Nope. That ’s me, mom & hellip; you made it hard. " "Maybe I wanted to, handsome. Sometimes, a girl needs to know she ’s still got it. " "You got it alright. " He adjusted his erection. "Mom, have some wine and calm down & hellip; I ’m going to my bedroom and surf porn sites. " "You ’re a bad young man. Gonna think about me while you jack that monster off? " "Mom! " He winked. "Yep. " "Good. I ’m gonna think about you too. Take your t-shirt off. I wanna see your ripped chest. " "Only if you show me yours. " "Pervert. " She shook her head. "I better not, son & hellip; my hormones are raging, and things are already getting a little out of control. " "Shit. Let me know if you change your mind. " "You ’ll be the first, baby. " As he walked out, she poured Cabernet into a crystal glass, and turning, her heart skipped a beat when she saw her son standing in the doorway, flexing his bare chest. "My God, son. You ’re a Greek God. " "And you ’re Aphrodite. I showed you mine & hellip; your turn, mom. I wanna see your tits. " "Fuck, I want to. " Her green eyes locked onto his smoldering baby blues, she bit her lower lip. "I ’m gonna take a bath and try to forget the stupid date & hellip; maybe I ’ll leave the door open. " "Do that, mom & hellip; I might take a look. " She let eyes her roam over his back muscles as he moved to his room. Her mind a jumbled maelstrom, she took a breath. What the fuck are you doing, Ry? He ’s your son. Yeah, but he ’s fucking handsome, and I want him. She shook her head. Fuck, I ’m certifiable.

A.J. Mayes

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  • Lots Cave, Inc.
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  • 9788834186954
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • September 17, 2019
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  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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