Tolkien: Light and Shadow.  VV.AA.

Tolkien: Light and Shadow

I Giganti


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A collection of essays by ten international experts on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium , focussed on Light and Shadow. Such leading threads of his literary production are here taken as universal themes to be interpreted in several different senses – ethical, philosophical, psychological, spiritual, historical and biographical – with further insights into their numberless nuances. The Professor’s main works (above all, The Hobbit , The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion ) are explored in their multifacete aspects, in connection with his life’s events and bearing in mind his own opinion on them, through his Letters and his essay On Fairy Stories . Thanks to these sharp and compelling reflections, a wide range of viewpoints on his entire opus emerges, confirming its utmost relevance to the history of Literature, and offering some indeed new intuitions on the spirit of his creations. Authors Roberto Arduini , Patrick Curry , Michaël Devaux , Michael D.C. Drout , Colin Duriez, John Garth , Thomas Honegger , Gino Scatasta , Guglielmo Spirito , Giovanni Agnoloni . ed States. His personal website is


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