How To Deal With People Who Drive You Absolutely Nuts.  Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

How To Deal With People Who Drive You Absolutely Nuts

By Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

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Is it the “cocky” tone in his voice? The peculiar smell coming from her cubicle? The fact that he’s never, ever on time… even when it’s important? Or maybe it’s not just “one” person — but everyone on the freeway right now! (Those *%^*%$! idiots!) Let’s face it: some people can just drive us absolutely nuts! But no matter how “annoying” certain people may be… our emotions are our responsibility. We can learn how to keep our cool — no matter what’s going on around us. (It’s a very “cool” skill to have!) INSIDE THIS GUIDE, YOULL LEARN HOW TO: Understand why you feel strong emotions towards certain people, but not others. Deal with annoying people and situations without blowing up, yelling, or doing something else you might regret. Create healthy outlets for your anger, so you can “let off steam” safely, in private. And more! Join the many people who have learned so much about why “certain people” are soooo annoying — and how to handle these kinds of scenarios with grace, by following the steps in How To Deal with People Who Drive You Absolutely Nuts , today!

Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

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  • December 30, 2018
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