The Love Tune-Up: A 14-Day Course. How to Amp Up the Love That's Naturally Inside You to Enjoy Happy, Healthy Relationships.  Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

The Love Tune-Up: A 14-Day Course. How to Amp Up the Love That's Naturally Inside You to Enjoy Happy, Healthy Relationships

By Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

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"What if instead of attracting people who don’t respect me, I could meet… the love of my life?” “What if instead of blowing up whenever my partner annoys me, I could respond with… patience?” “What if instead of feeling an increasingly vast distance between us, with less intimacy and sex… each year brought us closer together?” These are important questions. Questions that Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD, JD has been exploring in her work with men, women and couples — in her counseling and coaching practice — for over 30 years, combined. The answer to every question is Love . And when Dr. Gelb says, “Love is the answer,” shes not trying to be poetic. It’s actually very practical. When you know how to treat yourself with love, care and respect, then you tend to attract people who (also) want to treat you with love, care and respect. When you are living a happy, healthy life, then you (naturally) form happy, healthy relationships with others. Yes, of course, romantic partnerships involve two people — not just one. But if things are feeling rocky or difficult, or not flowing in the way that you’d like, the first relationship to explore and upgrade is your relationship with yourself. The Love Tune-Up is an invitation to do… exactly that. With this 14-day course, you’ll receive short lessons (plus a few more surprises!) to help you tune-up and upgrade your relationship with yourself. How you talk to yourself — and how you treat yourself. Lessons to help you move back into your natural, unburdened state of being — free of guilt, shame or unresolved anger. Lessons on moving back home… into Love. Whether you’re currently single, dating or in a relationship — it doesn’t matter. The Love Tune-Up is designed to help you create a happier, more loving relationship with yourself, regardless of your current coupledom-status. It’s always the right time… for more Love! The basic details: The Love Tune-Up is 14 days long. You have access to a new lesson for each day. You can go at your own pace and there is no expiration date. There’s a written version (paperback or digital) and in the future, there will be an audio version of each lesson. So you can read or listen. Whatever you prefer. You can start The Love Tune-Up at any time. But… why not now? It’s always the right time to choose Love.

Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD JD

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  • Suzanne J. Gelb PhD, JD
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  • December 30, 2018
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