Fantasy Chronicles Anthology.  Sarah Bakersson

Fantasy Chronicles Anthology

By Sarah Bakersson

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Dreamy fantasy stories have actually been a trend. They?ve inspired millions. As opposed to the lengthy novels, these stories are short but cut to the chase in an instant. They light up the weird and the uncanny, the marvelous as well as the fantastic: all the things we know are going beyond the reasonable and instantly realistic-- into looking-glass, beyond the songs of the impossibly haunting violin, with the twisted trees of the ancient timbers. Other worlds, chatting animals, fairies, demons, demons, charlatans, and mystics: these are the components that populate a rich literary custom that covers the globe. In this book, you?ll find a handful of these awe-provoking stories that will take you to imagine your wildest dreams. Get caught up in the drama and emotions of each heroic and demonic character. Buy with one click now.

Sarah Bakersson

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  • Self Publisher
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  • 9788835322528
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  • Italiano
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  • Published:
  • December 30, 2018
  • Fantasía

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