Brain Training.  Dwayne Johnsen

Brain Training

By Dwayne Johnsen

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This is a combo of 3 books. You are in luck, because you'll get 3 for a discount! In all three books, the power of the human brain will be emphasized. We'll go over the different learning techniques people use, brain games that can enhance your capacity to think, and several aspects of intelligence that might be new to you. The differences (generalized) between male and female brains will be outlined perfectly, as well as other ways we can influence our intelligence and brain structure. Speed reading tips, focus techniques, and several study methods and exercises will be addressed to help you along. All in all, this is a gem of a book bundle, in which you'll find LOADS of information to enjoy and to learn from. Don't skip this book!

Dwayne Johnsen

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  • December 30, 2018
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