Mythology.  Coby Evans


By Coby Evans

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The only book you’ll ever need about Greek mythology! This elaborate book gives you all the insights you will ever need to know. All the basics are in here and more. You will learn about the Greeks’ and Romans’ belief in the creation of the world and theories about the creation of mankind. You’ll get an extensive description of various gods and goddesses. Hardly anything or anyone is left out here. Everything will become clear, from Zeus’ extreme power to Aphrodite’s love and lust inclinations. You’ll read about the different interpretations of Artemis as a goddess, the heroic deeds of Heracles or Perseus, and the takeover of the Greeks and the Trojans. Find out what water nymphs are or where Argonauts originated from. Become more deeply involved in the Heraclidae or the whereabouts of Cadmus or Ion. All of these persons, from Nyx to Hades, are given and described in a lively setting. Do yourself a favor and get it immediately!

Coby Evans

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  • December 30, 2018
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