What Everyone should know about Medicines .  Guru Prasad Mohanta

What Everyone should know about Medicines

By Guru Prasad Mohanta

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Medicines are perhaps the greatest weapons of the mankind to fight diseases and death, but are double edged weapons. They help recovering from illness and restoring health if used properly; but can harm if not used appropriately, even causing life threatening situations including death. Inappropriate medicine use is unnecessary wastage of resources. Medicines have helped increasing life expectancy but in some situations they have harmed too. The antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective due resistance developed by random use. The book provides guidance on using medicines appropriately in a simple and easily understandable language. The book intends to empower the readers with skill and knowledge to make informed decisions about how to use medicines (including when not to use them) and get the maximum benefit. It helps to understand the importance of medicines inindividual’s health. The second edition of the book is updated with the new information on medicines as available. Many new themes are introduced with value addition like cartoons. It is a comprehensive medicine user guide for common public. A must for every one!

Guru Prasad Mohanta

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  • December 30, 2018
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