Breath Watching Meditation.  Jato Baur

Breath Watching Meditation

By Jato Baur

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The more responsibility you have in your life, more is the need of meditation. The busier you are, the less time you have, the more work you have, and endless desires you want, is the more you need to meditate. This is because meditation not only relieves you from stress and anxiety. It enhances your abilities to face challenges. It brings better health. Meditation is also referred to as food for the soul, energizes the mind, lifeline for the body that helps you get in shape, helps your mental alertness and improves your perception. This also helps you to express yourself properly. It helps in creating a non-violence society, a disease-free body, confusion-free mind, and sorrow-free soul. Meditation is very simple yet very profound; A rare combination of simplicity and depth. Behind every random thought that runs through your head is a complete story that if you latch on that thought it's like taking a certain attention from your mind and gradually unfold that into pieces of details. This allows you to make an inner dialogue with yourself regarding that inner experience. With this, your meditation now leads to somewhere not quite the comfort zone and is not doing the actual definition of meditation, so you need to focus again and clear those thoughts so you can get back to the fact that you are meditating so you won't think of any other things. Within this book, you would know the most basic yet most important of all the methods used in meditation – the breath watching meditation.

Jato Baur

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  • December 30, 2018
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