C & Data Structures.  Prof. P. Padmanabham

C & Data Structures

By Prof. P. Padmanabham

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The basic textbook introduces the student to one of the most popular programming language C. It allows the student to write simple programs in C language to solve the problems. The book introduces simple linear and non-linear Data Structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, searching and sorting. Every program listing is explained, line by line so that a student can have a thorough understanding of the concepts, as well as the resulting outputs from each program. SALIENT FEATURES IN THIS NEW EDITION • Several changes are made in this edition and much emphasis is laid on simple explanations of Programming Concepts. • Exhaustive explanations are included with suitable pedagogical examples to make the readers to understand the basic concepts. • Preliminary chapters of earlier edition have been further expanded with more material and examples for easy understanding. Contents 1. Introduction to Computers 2.Introduction to C Programming 3. Functions, Arrays & Strings 4. Pointers 5. Structures & Unions 6. Console File I/O 7. Searching & Sorting 8. Introduction to Data Structures 9. Linked Lists

Prof. P. Padmanabham

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  • December 30, 2018
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