Anthropology and the Classics.  John Linton Myres

Anthropology and the Classics

By Arthur Evans, Gilbert Murray, John Linton Myres

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This work is a valuable contribution to the subject of picture-writing. Anthropology and the Humanities might seem coextensive, yet they divide the domain of human culture among them in practice. The types of human culture are reducible to two, a simpler and a more complicated, or a lower and a higher. By set convention, Anthropology occupies itself solely with the simpler or lower kind of culture. On the other hand, the Humanities focus on whatever is most integral and typical of the higher life of society. Six influential personalities delivered these six lectures during the Michaelmas Term of 1908 at the Committee for Anthropology, which from the beginning of its career has kept steadily in view the need of persuading classical scholars to examine the lower culture as it bears upon the higher. Contents: The European Diffusion of Primitive Pictography and its Bearings on the Origin of Script by A. J. Evans Homer and Anthropology. by A. Lang The Early Greek Epic. By G. G. A. Murray Graeco-Italian Magic. By F. B. Jevons Herodotus and Anthropology. By J. L. Myres Lustratio. By W. W. Fowler

John Linton Myres

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