The Indian Fairy Book.  Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

The Indian Fairy Book

By Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

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The Indian fairy tales presented in this work were selected from stories collected by Mr. Henry R. Schoolcraft, the first man to explore how the Indians lived and discover their legends. He lived with the Indians in the West and near the Great Lakes for over thirty years during the beginning of the Nineteenth Century and wrote numerous books about them. When the storytellers gathered at the lodge fires in the evenings to tell the tales that were retold to many generations of red children, Mr. Schoolcraft listened carefully and wrote the stories down. This is a collection of enchanting tales that tell of the spirits and their magic, how the little boy snared the sun, the old Toad Woman who stole the baby, and many more incredible events. The stories are written in a captivating language and deliver a valuable moral in the end. It also contains colorful illustrations that add to the book's charm.

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft