Science and Culture, and Other Essays.  Thomas Henry Huxley

Science and Culture, and Other Essays

By Thomas Henry Huxley

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This insightful work presents the collected essays of Thomas Henry Huxley. He was a renowned English biologist and anthropologist who specialized in comparative anatomy. He was popularly known as "Darwin's Bulldog" for supporting Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. In addition, Huxley is famous for coining the term "agnosticism" and elaborated on it to state the nature of claims regarding what is knowable and what is not. This collection of his addresses, lectures, and essays is a must-read for anyone curious about evolution theory and biology. Contents include: Science and Culture Universities: Actual and Ideal Technical Education Elementary Instruction in Physiology Joseph Priestley On the Method of Zadig On the Border Territory Between the Animal and the Vegetable Kingdoms On Certain Errors Respecting the Structure of the Heart Attributed to Aristotle On the Hypothesis That Animals Are Automata, and Its History On Sensation and the Unity of Structure of the Sensiferous Organs Evolution in Biology The Coming of Age of "the Origin of Species" The Connection of the Biological Sciences With Medicine

Thomas Henry Huxley

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