Dark Psychology.  Valerie Glossner

Dark Psychology

By Valerie Glossner

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Book 1: Emotions are powerful things. They are capable of completely overriding our logic centers, causing us to make very poor choices as we do not think of the consequences. Emotion is also capable of making us act on them out of pure instinct, and we are barely, if at all, able to even comprehend what we are about to do.             Within the pages of this book you will also learn about hypnosis. It will teach you about the use of hypnosis throughout the centuries. Learn whether hypnosis can restore memories, you will even learn a little bit about NLP.             Read about what deception actually is and gain the knowledge to dispel the inaccurate beliefs about liars. Read how statistics are feeding the fake news and why you need to learn from multiple sources.             Study how jealousy works, what it’s for, and why men and women experience it differently. This book has it all. Book 2: Jealousy, that green eyed monster, which can easily ambush those with poor self-image and poor self-esteem. Jealousy can strike any relationship, romantic or otherwise. It can cause serious damage, both physical and emotional. But why does it exist? What does it mean to be seductive? What about those who have no idea what the game of seduction is? What is deception and how is it used? This book goes about answering these questions by covering topics such as these. Jealousy in relationships, professions, and sexual jealousy. Possessiveness. Sibling rivalry explained in a nutshell. Warning signs of controlling behavior in relationships. Ways to safeguard yourself from NLP mind control Masculine men and feminine women. Introduction to being seductive. Those who don’t understand the Seduction Game. Deception. Techniques of forcing people in human trafficking. Various sales approaches.             So, interested now? Have I piqued your curiosity? If so, you should buy this book. “But didn’t curiosity kill the cat?” “Yes, but satisfaction brought him back.” Book 3: Theres a very popular form of psychotherapy known as cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy also has numerous methods for treating a variety of different mental disorders including bipolar, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, and is even able to help naturally cure insomnia. Cognitive behavior therapy has even been known to help back pain there are also internet-based cognitive behavioral therapies that pain patients can use. Cognitive behavioral therapy can also help the mystery of fibromyalgia.             Pick-up lines, probably one of the most used methods when it comes to flirting, however its not always successful and can sometimes have the opposite effect, meaning if you want to start successfully then you you need to demonstrate that you have an imaginative way with words, and dont forget humor can be very important while flirting just dont go overboard.             So, if you want to improve your state of mind or someone else’s, or simply want to up your game, grab this book before it’s too late!

Valerie Glossner

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