Monism as Connecting Religion and Science.  Ernst Haeckel

Monism as Connecting Religion and Science

By Ernst Haeckel

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Ernst Haeckel's 'Monism as Connecting Religion and Science' explores the concept of Monism, the belief that all reality is integrated into a single divine being. Written in a clear and concise style, Haeckel delves into the philosophical and scientific implications of Monism, shedding light on its significance in bridging the gap between religion and science during the late 19th century. Drawing on a wide range of sources, from ancient philosophies to contemporary scientific theories, this book presents a compelling argument for the unity of all knowledge. Haeckel's revolutionary ideas challenge traditional dualistic views, offering a fresh perspective on the interconnectedness of the natural world. By examining the harmony between religion and science through the lens of Monism, Haeckel's work remains relevant in the ongoing dialogue between faith and reason.

Ernst Haeckel