The Chinese Boy and Girl.  Alejandro Cifuentes-muñoz

The Chinese Boy and Girl

By Alejandro Cifuentes-muñoz

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The Chinese Boy and Girl by Isaac Taylor Headland is about Mr. Headland and his friend Mrs. Yin as they investigate Mother Goose's beloved nursery rhymes. Excerpt: "It is a mistake to suppose that any one nation or people has the exclusive right to Mother Goose. She is an omnipresent old lady. She is Asiatic as well as European or American. Wherever there are mothers, grandmothers, and nurses there are Mother Gooses,—or; shall we say, Mother Geese—for I am at a loss as to how to pluralize this old dame. She is in India, whence I have rhymes from her, of which the following is a sample: Heh, my baby! Ho, my baby! See the wild, ripe plum…"

Alejandro Cifuentes-muñoz

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  • December 30, 2018
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