Godmaker: A Novel of Lasniniar.  Jacquelyn Smith

Godmaker: A Novel of Lasniniar

The World of Lasniniar

By Jacquelyn Smith

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Iarion never meant to free the Unborn. Now the humans of Lasniniar worship the host of lawless, magical entities as gods—fueling the Unborn spirits’ insatiable hunger for power while sowing the seeds of chaos. Iarion finds himself at the center of the would-be gods’ attentions. Attentions that border on obsession. ...And not all of their interests prove friendly. A new era begins as Iarion and his best friend Barlo struggle for survival on a journey that takes them beyond the known boundaries of the World of Lasniniar in this sixth novel in the epic fantasy series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

Jacquelyn Smith