Born To Suck No.2.  R.m. Dexter

Born To Suck No.2

By R.m. Dexter

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DESCRIPTION: Young Joey continues to be trained by the well-hung ranch-hand, Sven. Joey cant get enough of the white stuff he craves, and Sven is only too happy to keep his belly full. It isnt long before Sven is filling Joey at both ends, load after load being pumped into Joeys willing young body. EXCERPT: “Easy there, Kid,” he said in a soothing voice. “Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you get that big mouthful you’re waiting for. Just slow down; you can keep doing what you’re doing for now, but I want you to just take it nice and slow.” He kind of wriggled back and settled further into the stacked up pillows and for the next twenty minutes or so showed me just where and when he wanted my mouth. He showed me how he liked me to stop my hand movements while I gave his engorged cock-head a warm swirling bath in my spit. Then he showed me how he liked to see me slowly pump a gob of his warm fluid all the way up that long 11” shaft until it burped out the tip as I waited with my mouth open for it to ooze out onto my tongue. I was in absolute heaven as he taught me exactly how he wanted me to suck him. My mouth was just buzzing with the slow friction between my moist oral cavity and his hot hard cock. I could tell that my lips were swollen and they felt stretched and sore from the number of times I’d had them on and off that thick hard erection of his. His stiff upright cock was just glistening with a fine coating of my spit and I could see the wet spot on the sheet growing where the excess had slid off his bag to make a damp stain. When I gave off another little needy squeal as he pulled my mouth off his cock and drew the hot dripping head all around my face, he finally spoke. “What is it, Kid,” he said as he drew his flowing pre-cum teasingly all around my swollen pouting lips, “is there something you want?” “Oh please, sir?” I said in a pleading tone. I looked at him with a lustful look of desire in my eyes. “What is it? What is it you want?” He asked in mock seriousness as he rubbed the very tip all around my full bottom lip. “Oh please sir?” I was begging now. “I….I need it.” “What is it you need, Kid?” “Your cum, sir. Please, can I have it now? I’ve tried to be good.” I was almost whimpering with need as my tongue flicked out and drew the warm silky fluid coating my lips into my mouth. “If I give it to you, are you gonna swallow it?” he asked teasingly. “Yes sir,” I said with a whimper.  “And are you gonna keep sucking ‘til you’ve got every warm creamy drop out of me?” “Yes sir,” I was almost gasping, I needed it so badly. “Please sir, can I have it?” “Okay, I guess you deserve another load; go ahead,” he said with a wry smile. I dove onto his cock and slid my lips as far down on that tremendous cock as I could. I still wasn’t even halfway down! I wrapped both hands around the velvety smooth shaft and started pumping the outer sheath back and forth. I pushed a mouthful of saliva to the front of my mouth and let it run out the corners of my mouth and down his pulsing shaft as I started to methodically bob my head up and down on the huge enflamed knob. I relished in the delightful tingling feeling of the warm friction between the pebbly surface of his knob and my soft full lips.

R.m. Dexter

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788835342809
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 30, 2018
  • Ficción / General

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