Born To Suck No.3.  R.m. Dexter

Born To Suck No.3

By R.m. Dexter

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DESCRIPTION: Hung Sven takes young Joey away for the weekend to a horse auction. Theyre joined by Svens friend, Kurt, with both men making use of Joeys willing holes all weekend long.They barely leave their hotel room, with Joey being used over and over again to satisfy their lustful desires. Joey doesnt complain one bit, taking as much cum as he can from the hung studs. EXCERPT: “You’ll probably need this,” Sven said as he tossed the towel he’d brought in onto the bed, next to Kurt. He then slid in front of me and sat back against the pile of pillows he’d stacked against the headboard. With his legs on either side of my upper body, he brought his knees up and let his muscular thighs fall open to each side. He put his hand around his long heavy cock and held it up for me. “Here you go, Kid, a nice big all-day sucker for you.” I didn’t have to be asked twice and lowered my mouth to his burgeoning cock-head. It felt wonderful to have the big warm knob filling my mouth once more. I could never get enough of sucking Sven’s cock. When he called it an ‘all-day sucker’, that was the perfect description. I felt like I could have spent rest of my life where I was right now, kneeling between his spread thighs, servicing that long thick majestic cock of his. I brought my hands forward and cradled his sperm-laden nuts as I made sweet oral love to the head of his cock. “Let me feel your hole work on my finger, Joey,” Kurt said from behind me as I felt the tip of his long middle finger slip through the opening in the back of my pants and spread some of the greasy lube over my little pink rosebud. As I continued to suck Sven’s cock, I flexed my tight pucker against Kurt’s caressing fingertip. “His pussy’s nibbling right at my fingertip,” Kurt said in surprise. “The little cocksucker’s trying to pull it right in.” I pushed back against him to let him know he was exactly right and he responded by pressing more insistently on my tight opening. As soon as I felt the now-familiar pressure, I relaxed my sphincter and his thick finger slid right up into me. “Oh fuck, what a beautiful hole,” Kurt said with a low groan as his finger slid easily inside me, all the way to the third knuckle. I tightened my anus around the base of his thick finger and then flexed a couple of times before starting to slide my hips back and forth on his probing finger. “Oh man, you want it bad, eh Joey?” Kurt asked. “Mmhhhmmm,” I purred loudly in agreement with a mouthful of hot hard flesh as I continued to suck Sven’s huge cock. “Then I think it’s time to give you something that’ll fill that space inside you a little better,” Kurt said hurriedly from behind me as he pulled his finger from my clutching hole and from the corner of my eye, I saw him pick up the towel. He must have wiped the greasy Vaseline off his hands as a few seconds later, he threw the towel onto the bed beside us. I felt him adjust himself on his knees as he moved in closer behind me, putting his big hands on the cheeks of my bum. “There, is that better?” he asked as I felt the blunt head of his wide cock slide through the slit in the pants and snuggle up against my bum-hole.

R.m. Dexter

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788835342298
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 30, 2018
  • Romance

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