The Ice Queen.  Ernest Ingersoll

The Ice Queen

By Ernest Ingersoll

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e-artnow presents the Christmas Specials Series. We have selected the greatest Christmas novels, short stories and fairy tales for this joyful and charming holiday season, for all those who want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with a heartwarming tale. Alex Kincaid is an eighteen year old orphan boy who takes care of his younger brother and sister by working at the factory. However, when factory burns to the ground, Alex is forced to move with his siblings to their uncle's house in Cleveland. They decide to skate their across the frozen Great Lakes, pulling behind them a boat loaded with supplies, alone but for the company of their good friend, Tug, an adept trapper. They have to deal with the extreme cold, partial starvation, being snowed in, an attention of wild dogs and the danger of being cut adrift on floating ice.

Ernest Ingersoll

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  • December 30, 2018
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