The Story of Don John of Austria.  Lady Moreton

The Story of Don John of Austria

By Lady Moreton (Traductor)

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This historical work presents the biography of Don John of Austria, the winner of the battle of Lepanto against the Ottoman Empire and many more combats. John was an illegitimate son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He became a military chief in the service of, King Philip II of Spain, and is famous worldwide for his part as the admiral of the Holy Alliance fleet at the Battle of Lepanto. The author of this work, Spanish writer and journalist Luis Coloma, built interest in the readers by introducing a new kind of book that was a mixture of novel and history. He displayed the story of Don John of Austria from his tempting childhood to his death. This work is neatly documented and described to verify the facts further. Since one cannot separate the life and legacy of Don John of Austria from the turbulent period in which he lived, this work represents the history of Spain during his era. This incredible history remains exciting to the very end.

Lady Moreton

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  • December 27, 2020
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