Abroad at Home: American Ramblings, Observations, and Adventures of Julian Street.  Julian Street

Abroad at Home: American Ramblings, Observations, and Adventures of Julian Street

By Julian Street

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Abroad at Home is a travelogue by Julian Street. Street was an American author and journalist who visited nearly all major cities in America and relayed his experiences to a wide readership. Excerpt: "Pushing on toward Buffalo as night was falling, my companion and I discussed the fellow travelers who had most engaged our notice: the young engineer from Buffalo, keen and alive, with a quick eye for the funny side of things; the hairless amorist; the genial bore, whose wife (we told ourselves) got very tired of him sometimes, but loved him just because he was so good; the pretty girl, who couldn't make her eyes behave because she was a pretty girl. We guessed what kind of house each one resided in, the kind of furniture they had, the kind of pictures on the walls, the kind of books they read—or didn't read. And I believed that we guessed right. Did we not even know what sort of underwear encased the ample figure of the man with the amazing memory of unessential things? And, while[ 18] touching on this somewhat delicate subject, were we not aware that if the alluring being who left the train, and us, at Rochester possessed the once-so-necessary garment called a petticoat, that petticoat was hanging in her closet?"

Julian Street

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