His Slutty Daughter.  Alana Church

His Slutty Daughter

Daddy's Accidental Harem

By Alana Church

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Shawna was a slutty cheerleader who loved sex. But with her mother gone, her father raised her himself. One day she saw her Daddy doing something that no good girl should see. Luckily for her Daddy, Shawnas not a good girl! Now shes got a plan, and shes going to be the first member of "Daddys Accidental Harem!" ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Shawna blinked at me. For just a second, her body froze. I had never used such crude language around her, and I could see her mind racing. Was I joking? Was this something designed to make her hesitate, to make her stop? "All right, never mind." I made as if to get up from the couch. "I guess you didnt really mean it." "No!" Her voice rose, panicking. "No, Ill do it, Daddy!" Her fingers fell to my belt, working feverishly. In seconds the leather strap fell to the floor, and she was undoing the buttons and zipper of my pants, almost frantic in her desire to prove herself. The zipper slipped down, the sound loud in the quiet room, and she tugged my pants off. "Oh, Daddy," she whispered. She palmed my hardness through my boxers. The dark blue cloth was considerably darker around the waistband, a sign of where my pounding erection had been weeping fluid while we danced. "I did this to you. Didnt I?" "Take them off," I ordered. "Now." "Lift your butt up." I raised my ass, and with a soft slither, the boxers fell down to my ankles. "Well?" I made my voice hard. "Are you going to stare at it all night? Or are you going to blow me?" Shawna didnt answer, though her eyes promised a reckoning. Later, when this was done, we were going to talk, her face said. I didnt care. I had let too many women walk over me due to my desperate desire to get laid. I wasnt going to let the same thing happen with my daughter. She knelt on the floor, her body between my spread legs. Her hand encircled my shaft, but just barely, and I tried to keep my expression bored as she gave me an experimental pump. "So big," she whispered. "I saw you..." she swallowed. "I saw you last Friday. When I came home sick. I saw you...masturbating to the porno. I wanted you so bad." "Well." I let one corner of my mouth curl up in a tiny smile. "Here I am."

Alana Church

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  • Published:
  • December 30, 2018
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