Our Little Roumanian Cousin.  Clara Vostrovsky Winlow

Our Little Roumanian Cousin

By Clara Vostrovsky Winlow

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Our Little Roumanian Cousin is a novella by Clara Vostrovsky Winlow. Winlow was an author known for weaving wholesome stories where a country or site with its cultural traditions formed a backbone for the story. Excerpt: "The farm-house at which they were staying looked attractive in its cleanliness. It had been recently whitewashed and the doors and window frames painted a bright blue. It was built entirely of timber. The roof consisted of thin strips of wood laid closely row upon row. Near the house were some fruit-trees and lilac bushes and a small flower garden in which basil and gilliflowers, so often mentioned in Roumanian folk songs, were conspicuous."

Clara Vostrovsky Winlow

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  • December 27, 2020
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