A Celtic Country.  Lewis Griffiths

A Celtic Country

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By Delenn Harper, Lewis Griffiths (Traductor)

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In a world where the Celts did not lose to the Romans, nowadays but well hidden, there are still druids and their schools in Europe. In Paris, Lania, 27 years old, is lost in her life, afraid of men and society. She observes her life as a city girl wondering where her childhood dreams and the magic that surrounds her have gone. But Avalonia, the school of the Priestesses of Avalon, had not forgotten her. She decided to follow this feminine spirituality where she thought she would study the Universe and its mysteries, but she would heal much deeper wounds. For her, it all begins now. Her life will be transformed by this journey, in the middle of Europe, at the end of the world. In this modern initiatory tale, in three volumes that change like the seasons, follow the peregrinations of a young Parisian girl as she learns the practice of the sacred feminine...

Lewis Griffiths

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  • December 29, 2019
  • Espiritualidad

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