The Devil's Daughter: Surrender.  Alana Church

The Devil's Daughter: Surrender

By Alana Church

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One by one, the Perrys are falling under the grip of Morgans sexual power. Only one remains: Aunt Carol, the warm, loving wife and mother. What will happen when she, too, makes a bargain with Morgan? And when Morgan herself begins to change, will she even recognize who she is anymore? Will she follow in her fathers footsteps? Or chart a new path for them all? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "Good morning, Aunt Carol." She spun, the last dregs of coffee threatening to slop out of her mug and onto the floor. "Morgan!" She put a hand to her chest dramatically. "You scared me to death!" "Im sorry." The younger woman said through a yawn. "Is Uncle Frank up yet?" "No." Driven by some perverse impulse, she let her lips curve in a smile. "He was very tired when we went to sleep last night." Morgan laughed, her head tilting back, and Carol was struck once again by her resemblance to her mother, Carols sister. Even when it came to their choice of clothing. Morgan was wearing something peach-colored and diaphanous, which could only be called a robe by the most generous stretching of the term. She could clearly see her breasts through the gauzy material, and when she opened the refrigerator to root around in the crisper, the hem rose up so high that her brown, perky buttocks were clearly exposed. Along with rather a lot else. She realized she was staring, and hastily looked away, a blush heating her cheeks. "You might want to put something else on, dear," she managed, trying to hide her discomfiture behind a sip of the now lukewarm coffee. No. She would not think about it. Not remember that one night with Moira. The night before her sister left on a road trip which had ended with Morgans birth. "Your uncle wont approve." Morgan raised her eyebrows as she bit into an apple. Her white teeth sank deep into the creamy flesh. "It is no sin to celebrate the gifts the Goddess has given me," she said. "I have been blessed in so many ways. A loving mother, a quick mind, good health. And the pleasure of having a comely body, of course. "The same way She has blessed you, Aunt Carol. Your body is lovely." She took a sliding step closer. "Why do you hide it?" Casually, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, she unfastened the belt of her old flannel bathrobe. "Mmm, yes," she sighed, pushing it open, fending off her hands. "Such a lovely body. Your breasts are gorgeous. And your tummy." She laid a hand on her belly, and Carol bit back a whimper. Her hand was so hot she thought it must sear her skin. "Nice and flat." Her niece moved closer, trapping her against the counter. "Mom told me," she whispered, nuzzling her neck. Carol jerked as she felt the brush of her tongue against her throat, tasting her. "How you liked to look at girls." Suddenly, her ridiculous excuse for a robe was gaping open. "Do you like to look at me?"

Alana Church

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  • December 30, 2018
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