Not Mr. Grey.  After Dark

Not Mr. Grey

By After Dark

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DESCRIPTION: Guy Norton is frustrated. All the freaky things he wanted to do with his wife Christina of the past seven years, she’s adamantly rejected. Now that that damn book has awakened the kinkiness in women, his wife is no different. EXCERPT: “When are you going to read the book?” Guy Norton exhaled heated, his back turned to his wife Christina, sparing her the scowl erupting across his face. Here we go again. That goddamn book! “When I get good and ready, woman,” he said with his voice cold to her. “When will that be? There are two more books behind the one I left you on your nightstand. You have to get reading to get what’s it’s all about.” His wife said it like he really cared. He didn’t need to crack the book open to know what it was about. He couldn’t inch pass a television screen without some hard-up woman promoting it like it was God’s sadomasochist gift to women. Guy didn’t mind the effect it had on the fairer sex given some of the benefits he was reaping from it. He just had a hard time swallowing it made such an impression on women that they were becoming like lemurs jumping off a cliff over it. He couldn’t help but factor in the disparity. Of how if he suggested some of the things he heard come out of this book to his wife before it hit the shelves, how grossly she would’ve rejected them. Probably went as far as to call him a misogynist for even making such an indecent proposal. A modern liberal woman submissive to a man! Cut his balls off! Seven years he begged Christina to put a little modest “extra” back into their sex life and was scolded like a bad dog. Marriage wasn’t meant for those frills, she said. Though, up until the morning she put on that wedding dress, she wasn’t above doing anything to make him happy. Some book comes out that are approved by a couple of her girlfriends and she’s all on board. Guy snapped at her soft pleading tone. “Didn’t you hear me? When I get good damn and ready to read it. Not a millisecond earlier than that, you hear?” Guy reached for the doorknob.

After Dark

  • Publisher:
  • Lots Cave, Inc.
  • ISBN:
  • 9788835353058
  • Language:
  • Inglés
  • Size:
  • Kb
  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
  • Protection:
  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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