Hot Mom's Talented Tongue.  Kethandra Wilde

Hot Mom's Talented Tongue


By Kethandra Wilde

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He always called his sexy mom Kitty. Then she started to play the cat, sprawling face down across his lap, purring and lifting her delectable rear end high when he massaged her back. A playful taste test leaves her blindfolded and nearly naked, while wine and potent pot brownies tear down barriers to their taboo passions. It leads to intimacies beyond what either dared dream. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Jimmer wasnt sure how long her embrace lasted, welcoming him home for the long Christmas holiday after his Fall classes were complete. It had been the longest time mother and son had spent apart, ever: almost three weeks since his last weekend visit, and an entire semester since they had lived under the same roof. A sense of again becoming complete warmed his body and soul as her heady scent filled his sinuses and his thoughts. He buried his face closer, deeper into his silky soft hair, nuzzling her ear. He felt her slim body shudder, her arms pulling him tighter, closer, when his nose brushed along one soft curving lobe. She sighed, squeezed him once more then eased back to look at him. "My man. My handsome strong man." She let a hand trail down his chest, tracing the outline of raised muscles there beneath his t-shirt. Her voice lowered, almost whispering to herself. "The only man I need." Hairs rose on the back of Jimmers neck. In his bones, deep in his being, beyond conscious thought, he knew that is what he wanted: to be the only man his mom needed, in every way. She had said the words that he had never been able to formulate as more than an unfocused inkling. But he knew she couldnt mean them the way he did. She smiled at him before leaning close, leaving a soft kiss on one cheek. "Mm. Stubble. I like that." She grabbed his hand, dragged him toward the hallway, toward his bedroom. "So. Am I going to see much of my son, or have all your friends monopolized your time home?" "Mom. Its Christmas. Family time." She cooed, hugging his arm to her side. He felt a soft-firm breast push against him. "Yay! Family time. Oh! I almost forgot." She braked to a stop under the small archway that led to the bedrooms. Her eyes studied his. "What?" "Look up." He did, saw a small clump of greenish plant taped to the center of the arch overhead. "What is..." As soon as he looked down at her to ask the question, lean arms were around his neck, soft lips pressed to his, for a too-brief instant. She was grinning widely. "Mistletoe!" His lips tingled, abandoned, while she again tugged him along by his hand. She led him to his room. "Settle in. Get comfy. Can you tell Im glad youre home, sweetheart?" He pulled her to him for another hug. She was limp, pliable in his arms. "Im glad to be home, Mom, with you. I love you." "Youre so sweet. I couldnt ask for a better, more handsome son." Her eyes looked moist, almost near tears. She held a palm to his cheek before pulling away. "Kitty loves you too." They fell into a comfortable routine. Jimmer noticed she seemed to touch him more, her hand lingering on his chest, his shoulder, his back. He couldnt recall her referring to him as her man so often in the past. They had always snuggled close when watching TV, had never worried about exposed skin, but now there seemed to be more bare, smooth leg draped over his own, more close, innocently intimate contact.

Kethandra Wilde

  • Publisher:
  • Boruma Publishing
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  • 9780463015889
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  • Inglés
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  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
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  • Sin DRM
  • Romance
    Ficción / General

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