Going Down...On The Farm!.  Alana Church

Going Down...On The Farm!

By Alana Church

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Devin thought a summer on his aunts farm was the worst sort of exile. But when he discovers that his Aunt Joy and his sexy cousin Marnie are secretly lesbian lovers, life starts to look a lot better! Will Devin be able to prove that he is worthy of joining them in a family threesome? It looks like he will be doing a lot of "Going Down...On the Farm!" ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ He had been drifting, he thought as he moved to the next stall. Drifting towards a future that was not desired, merely accepted. And his sullen refusal to get a job during the summer had simply been a reflection of that. But here... "Shit!" He stared at his left arm. The sleeve of his shirt hung in a flap, and a nasty gouge ran down his tricep, courtesy of a nail protruding from a post. When he tried to get back to work, the hanging sleeve and the trickle of blood running down his arm to his wrist made concentrating almost impossible, and he gave up. Screw it. Im going to change my shirt and wash this off. God knows what kind of germs were on the dang thing. Least I can do is put a bandage on it. He walked up the steps, noting with a frown how the porch seemed to creak a little more loudly, the sagging boards giving a little more each time he crossed it. Inside, the dishwasher was chugging merrily along, almost covering the creak and bang of the screen door as it shut behind him. He stopped just inside the door, pulling off his boots. It was a pain in the ass, but Aunt Joy raised holy hell if he tracked dirt and cow crap across her hardwood floors. "Please, Mom. I need it." His head jerked up. It was Marnies voice, coming from deeper in the house, but unlike any tone he had ever heard from his tall, self-assured cousin. There was something in it, something deep and desperate. "Your cousin could be back in here any second." "No he wont." Her voice caught, hitching, then continued. "You know how long it takes to muck out the stalls. Youve done it often enough. Please, Mama. Im so damn horny. Just eat me real quick. I need someone to touch me." "I really shouldnt." But even Devin, slack-jawed with shock, could make out the way her voice lingered over the words, the reluctance. "Please." He stood up, then whispered across the room on his stocking feet, peeking into the living room. Marnie sat on the easy chair, her body in profile. Her long legs were drawn up, the balls of her feet on the arm-rests. Her jeans and panties were discarded on the floor. "Its been nearly a month, Mom. Just me and my fingers, late at night, when Devins asleep and cant hear me. "Ive been good. Every night, I want to sneak into your room, so we can sleep together like we used to. And every night, I stay in my cold, lonely bed." Her hands went down between her legs. Touching herself? Or displaying her womanhood even more lewdly for her sexy mother? "Just once, Mom. I need to take the edge off. Devin and I were in the bathroom last night, after his shower." Her eyes closed and one hand left her groin to stray under the hem of her sweatshirt. "Damn, hes getting sexy. The flabs melting away. The muscles are coming out. And underneath that college-boy shell theres a pretty decent man. "He was getting hard for me. I could tell. A nice little tent making the towel bulge. So if you dont do anything for me, Mom, I might see if Dev will."

Alana Church

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  • Published:
  • December 29, 2019
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