The Lymph.  Dr. Angela Fetzner

The Lymph


By Dr. Angela Fetzner

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Lymphatic cleansing This has become the stepchild of all detoxification therapy. Cleansing of the liver or colon is high on the agenda, but detoxification of the lymphatic system is often neglected. Regular detoxification of the lymphatic system is nonetheless crucial for physical and mental health. The lymphatic system This is the body’s purification plant, ridding it of whatever is harmful or useless like pathogens, metabolic waste, toxins and cell debris. It is crucial for immunity and the body’s detoxification. Sustaining the flow The lymphatic system must be regularly cleansed and detoxified to keep on flowing naturally. If continually overloaded with waste, it stagnates. The system can no longer get rid of all problematic materials, so these gradually poison the whole body and often cause chronic ailments. Lymphatic cleansing This book outlines all natural therapies and treatments which have proven to be effective in basic lymphatic detoxification and cleansing. These everyday ways to look after yourself are motivating and efficient. They include approaches like medicinal plant therapy, homeopathy, Schuessler salts, specific cleansing of the lymph, water applications, stress reduction, changes of diet, moderate exercise and so on. With the help of these choice means of detoxification, you will soon feel livelier, stronger and merrier.   As a doctor of pharmacology, the author has been advising and informing clients for more than two decades, being committed to their health and well being.   Your pharmacist, Angela Fetzner

Dr. Angela Fetzner

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