Legends of Lasniniar: Prevailing Wind.  Jacquelyn Smith

Legends of Lasniniar: Prevailing Wind

The World of Lasniniar

By Jacquelyn Smith

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Arinwyn leads the Tribe of Hawk across the vast dunes of the Shifting Sands. A lone elf among humans. The sun beats down on her head scarf like a hammer while the jingle of harnesses fills the dry air. A single shadow falls across the land from overhead in a ripple of movement. A dragon. Arinwyn knows the tribe cannot stand against it. But none of the tribe’s warriors want to lose status by fleeing. Arinwyn must rely on her human companion Nasir to convince them otherwise while she tackles a much bigger problem—how to hold off the dragon. ...And what its seemingly chance presence might mean. A short story adventure from the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series and a follow-up to “Legends of Lasniniar: Without Wings” by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

Jacquelyn Smith