Mansa Musa. Pilgrim of the desert, King of Timbuktu.  Miguel Guerrero Antequera

Mansa Musa. Pilgrim of the desert, King of Timbuktu

By Miguel Guerrero Antequera

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The Emperor of Mali, along with ten thousand of his subjects and camels, travels through the Saharan Desert while making his pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj, spending money without any limit and turning the city of Timbuktu into the cultural and religious capital of Western Africa.   A perfectly well documented novel about the mesmerizing life of Mansa Musa, Emperor of Mali in the fourteenth century, 1312-1337, and his reign, whose Empire, located in Western Africa, extended through the territory that is occupied today by Southern Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Southern Algeria, Northern Nigeria and Chad. This is the story of the man who managed to rule over the totality of the production and trade of gold, salt and slaves from the jungle of Western Africa to the Mediterranean.  Biografía:  Miguel Guerrero Antequera is a wandering Andalusian. He is born in Dalias (in Low Alpujarras, Almeria) in 1937. Nowadays he is a husband, a father and a grandfather. He studies to become a teacher and an Industrial Expert, while he works as a presenter and scriptwriter for Radio Almeria and Radio Juventud. Then, he teaches in Linares and, later, works as an Industrial Expert in Asturias and Madrid. Between 1970 and 1973, he goes to Irak where, as a manager of a Spanish company, he implements industrial projects related to oil. Those are years of traveling and experiences in the countries of the Middle East and the Gulf. Later, he works for several foreign trade multinationals (oil, metals and consumer products) located in Madrid and travels to practically every country in the world. He creates his own trading company with Spanish partners. In 1997, he goes to live in Lagos (Nigeria) managing a local company of prospecting and production of oil in deep waters, in association with the most important multinational companies in the sector. In 2008, this man who travels through the entire compass Rose, resident of multiple cultures, seeker of oil in the bowels of the earth and the sea and gold explorer in Africa, has finally given rest to his body and spirit in the city of Tangerine, which is very close to the tomb of Ibm Battuta. Now, he dedicates himself to transfer, both in prose and verse, the experiences of his life. 

Miguel Guerrero Antequera

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