Natural Remedies Secrets.  Kristy Jenkins

Natural Remedies Secrets

By Kristy Jenkins

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Natural Remedies Secrets  “100 Natural Remedies To Fix The Most Common Health Problems” People spend a fortune on prescription drugs, and if youre over the age of 50 the cost and complications of conventional health treatments can be overwhelming. The truth is that there are other options, more natural and simpler to follow, that can empower you to take back the control of your own well being, and restore your vitality. You can take natural, simple ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, honey, lemon, and baking soda, and turn them into remedies for common ailments. A fair warning though: Natural Remedies is NOT about magic potions that will heal anything and replace modern medicine! Still, a lot of natural products have been scientifically recognized for their healing power... There is a huge demand for actionable info and applicable methods that are proven to help people fix the most common health problems and discover natural ways to treat headaches, coughs, colds and more that don’t carry the same risk of side effects that many pharmaceuticals do. Thats why so many people are investing in Natural Remedies workshops, looking for proven methods that are used to enhance their health condition and that can be easily implemented to be in better shape and live a healthy lifestyle. The information in this book is not some magical hocus pocus.  Do take your health very seriously and there are times when you need to consult your doctor for the right solution to your unique situation. But let’s remember that our ancestors didn’t have a GP to rely on when they got sick. So over the centuries, natural health solutions were sought, tested and used…even on the Kings and Queens of countries. The eBook will help you to decide what natural solution can be looked at for your health problem. There are times, where you may not need to go for a prescription and in some cases…with your doctors blessings, cut down on the number of meds you take.

Kristy Jenkins

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  • December 29, 2019
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