Pharmaceutical Statistics and Research Methodology.  D. H. Panchaksharappa Gowda

Pharmaceutical Statistics and Research Methodology

By D. H. Panchaksharappa Gowda

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Books covering the complete application of Biostatistics in Pharmaceutical and clinical trails data analysis. This book is authored in a detailed and easy to understand in a manner incorporating the updated information containing the following features.  • Syllabus prescribed for B.Pharm (VIII-Semester) students is completely covered in detail.  • The application of Biostatistics in pharmaceutical calculation and Evaluation.  • Prime importance is given to the application in pharmaceutical field. • Introduction of statistical software for analyzing the data. Contents   Introduction  2.  Measure of Central Tendency (Statistical Averages)  3.  Measures of Dispersion  4.  Correlation and Regression  5.  Probability  6.  Sampling Theory and Design of Sampling Survey  7.  Theory Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis  8.  Parametric Tests  9.  Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)  10.  Chi-Square Test  11.  Design of Experiment  12.  Non-Parametric Tests  13.  Epidemiology  14.  Sample Size Calculation  15.  Graphs  16.  Statistical Package for the Social Sciences  17.  Statistical Software R

D. H. Panchaksharappa Gowda

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