Novel Drug Delivery Systems.  D. K. Tripathi

Novel Drug Delivery Systems

By Amit Alexander, D. K. Tripathi

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As such Novel Drug Delivery is a huge area and number of books can be written. The students of undergraduate level need to know basics of this area. The book, Novel Drug Delivery System is a subject as per the syllabus prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India for B. Pharm final year course. Therefore, the book has been written in accordance to the syllabus and the students will understand the various approaches for development, how to select the drugs and polymers, formulation and evaluation of novel drug delivery systems which includes controlled drug delivery systems, microcapsules, mucosal drug delivery systems, implantable drug delivery systems, transdermal drug delivery systems, gastro-retentive drug delivery systems, nasopulmonary drug delivery system, ocular drug delivery system, intrauterine drug delivery systems and fundamentals of nanotechnology. Anyone who will read this book will gain the basic knowledge about different types of formulations prepared and used as the Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Contents:   1.  Controlled Drug Delivery Systems  2.  Polymers  3.  Microencapsulation  4.  Mucosal Drug Delivery System  5.  Implantable Drug Delivery Systems  6.  Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems  7.  Gastroretentive Drug Delivery Systems  8.  Nasopulmonary Drug Delivery System  9.  Nanotechnology and its Concepts  10.  Ocular Drug Delivery Systems  11.  Intrauterine Drug Delivery Systems

D. K. Tripathi

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  • December 29, 2019
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