A Textbook of Engineering Graphics.  D. A. Hindoliya

A Textbook of Engineering Graphics

By D. A. Hindoliya

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About the Book: This book has been designed to inculcate basic principles and methods of engineering drawing to the students of Degree and diploma courses offered by various Universities. Systematic pedagogy enables the readers to develop in-depth knowledge of the subject. For comprehensive understanding, the book is presented with the following features. Important Features : ·         Drawings  prepared as per latest  BIS standards ·         Problems solved using  first angle projection method ·         Step-by-Step procedures for solving problems ·         A large number of worked examples from the question papers of university examinations Introduction  of  Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Contents: 1.  Introduction  2.  Scales  3.  Conic Sections  4.  Engineering Curves  5.  Orthographic Projections  6.  Projections of Points  7.  Projections of Straight Lines  8.  Projections of Planes  9.  Projections of Solids  10.  Sections of Solids and Intersection of Cylinders  11.  Development of Surfaces  12.  Isometric Projections  13.  Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting

D. A. Hindoliya

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  • December 29, 2019
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