Pemberley Shades.  D. A.Bonavia-Hunt

Pemberley Shades

By D. A.Bonavia-Hunt

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Jane Austen's famous novel Pride and Prejudice has had countless admirers through the ages. Who can ever forget the sweet but deeply satisfying love story of Darcy and Elizabeth, the two immortal lovers of the regency era romance? Still, if you are one of those, who have kept wondering about their lives and love after marriage, or, those of the other characters, then this is the perfect book for you. First published in 1949, Pemberley Shades is the first ever sequel of Austen's monumental work and comes really close to the perfection of its famous predecessor. The story continues in the hallowed grounds of Pemberley, Darcy's exquisite estate with his beautiful and forever witty companion, Elizabeth. Keep reading! Excerpt: He [Darcy] had settled in his own mind that the new rector should be under forty, of superior birth, breeding and education, a scholar without pedantry, or irreproachable life, but not too exigent in matters affecting the usages of the polite world, and preferably married to a gentlewoman who would be acceptable to the ladies of Pemberley, his wife Elizabeth and his sister Georgiana. These demands appeared to him to be so moderate that he was hopeful of their attainment without difficulty or much delay. But that he should have exactly the sort of man he wanted he was thoroughly determined…

D. A.Bonavia-Hunt

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