In Indian Tents.  Abby Langdon Alger

In Indian Tents

By Abby Langdon Alger

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In Indian Tents is a work written by Abby Langdon Alger, an American author, ethnologist and translator: "In the summer of 1882 and 1883, I was associated with Charles G. Leland in the collection of the material for his book "The Algonquin Legends of New England". I found the work so delightful, that I have gone on with it since, whenever I found myself in the neighborhood of Indians. The supply of legends and tales seems to be endless, one supplementing and completing another, so that there may be a dozen versions of one tale, each containing something new. I have tried, in this little book, in every case, to bring these various versions into a single whole; though I scarcely hope to give my readers the pleasure which I found in hearing them from the Indian story-tellers." (Abby Langdon Alger, In Indian Tents)

Abby Langdon Alger

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